Christmas House Tour Part II 2018

Happy Friday everyone.

As promised I am returning with the rest of my main floor Christmas house tour.

The front hall where we enter, exit, go to the garage, and greet our guests gets all gussied up as well.

I've been using the same garland and lights on our railing for years and having them lit up at night makes the entire front hall glow. 

 The copper pillow on the chair is from our latest collection release this week

 The 3 handled antique loving cup always lives on this barrel island and it holds our scented candle right now. I added one of the shop Belsnickles and a vintage brass church candelabra with hits of red. My house only sees red at this time of year otherwise it's kind of banished but I really do love it for Christmas.

Simple magnolia in an antique ironstone pot.

 The door to our closet gets opened a million times a day so the wreath has nothing breakable on it that will fall off. Just a homemade yarn garland and vintage lantern that is heavily wired in.

 Our main floor bathroom. I super clean the items on these shelves and light fixtures twice a year. The night Christmas goes up in here all the regular goodies and shelves get a super wipe down, windex and clean. Lots of the regular collections go away and the Christmas collections go up.

 I had a little fun just like in the shop with dry erase markers and some of my antique portrait collections got the Rudolph treatment.

In our dining room, I went much more natural in here this year and switched up the ball wreaths that normally hang on the doors for these preserved pear leaf wreaths. With the old man caramel velvet pillows on the chairs and the wicker it's a much more muted look this year that I'm really enjoying. The wreaths will likely stay up for the duration of winter.

 A handful of our larger outdoor plants are over wintering in front of these windows so into baskets and concrete planters they went to go with the look while they wait out the winter hibernation period.

And lastly, our kitchen. I didn't do anything overly extravagant in here either just some tea towels, a planter arrangment and a garland on the window. I cook a lot [stress relief and enjoyment combined] and having to move too much decor while I'm chopping or dodging Emma and Rico is not in my game anymore.

This little workhorse of an island that is just everywhere in Pinterest land. I'm saving my pennies for a full island with drawers and storage for the new year but man has this little cart come in handy the last few years.

Thanks for walking around with me friends

Enjoy your weekend,


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