Christmas Eve tablescape and a sale

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all coming down from your sugar highs peacefully and that the visiting with family and friends has been lovely. I know many people still have a lot of visiting and dinners to attend. We have another family gathering tonight and then I think we are mostly caput for the rest of the holidays.

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner again this year and I thought I would share our tablescape with you all.

Of course on Christmas day as my mom mentioned something about gold as I was looking at my fork I had a total "Oh shit" moment. I have lovely gold flatware that is hiding under the shelf in the dining room and I totally forgot to use it with my gold themed table the night before. Oh well. It was still a great night filled with laughter and conversation and no one was any wiser about my forgotten flatware as that is not what was important.

the centrepiece that usually lives on the table is too big for a large gathering so i remove it in favour of something skinnier. this year i piled oregano and seeded eucalyptus on the table in between taper holders and simple glass candles and then printed out movie line gift tags and stuck them in the garland

 the actual centrepiece styling up the corner

I also wanted to pop in today to let everyone know that now that the extreme physical boxing day shopping is done to let you know that my shop along with many others I assume on etsy are having a boxing week sale

Have a great weekend everyone


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