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Holy TGIF right?

Friday doesn't really signify the same thing for me anymore as it does many of you as that day for me is now Sunday but I made it through Thursday and that's what counts.

Another butt kicker of a week, I feel as though I could float on cloud 9 as long as they'd let me sleep there too.

A lovely customer of mine that also has a business has completely revamped her garage workspace and it is stellar as I think I mentioned last week sometime but, anyways it took Trev and I 4 days of moving, organizing, going back to Canadian Tire for yet another shelf or cabinet until we got it just right. We sold a few things that we no longer needed and couldn't foresee needing again in the future instead of constantly moving shit around and I think I dare say we may just have hit the sweet spot of organization out there.

We have one more hurdle with his business equipment but I think we are going to get there soon.

I picked up new orchids for the shop on Wednesday before going in to my hygiene office. They are of course in the traditional white and a bunch already walked out the door yesterday but picking up plants has become one of my favourite things to do for my shop. I love picking which ones I want, what I think people are having a hard time finding along with that not too killable gene.

Then yesterday happened.

Whoa is what I think. or all I could think by the end of the day.


We were just a hopping all afternoon and it was fabulous. The word of mouth is circulating like wildfire and I couldn't be happier.

As we were shuffling orders coming in, land mines of cardboard along with ladders, getting things down for customers I managed to snap a few photos at the end of the day of some cool things that have me excited and trying not to slip things in my purse to take home constantly. The above candleholders are a thick light brass metal with handblown glass making no 2 the same. The look a little bit travelled and a lot a bit elegant.

I didn't see these candleholders in person prior to ordering them but I was super happy with them once they came in. They are actual pieces of wood with texture and chrome tops. The spike can be removed depending if you want a pillar or a vessel. A great blend of rustic and modern.

I also redid the front tool bench last night. These large terrarium cloches came in with detachable bottoms and the fantastic green oxygen glass vases. 

(i did slip one of these in my bag..... i mean look at the colour, it's like they made them for me)

I had no sooner set this table up when one of the cloches had already walked away with a customer leaving a hole for these green vases. 

and mercury glass. we got loads. i have been testing the waters with these candleholders and ordering little bits at a time but keep getting wiped out so now i piled them on and i really love the sparkle in the display as well. 

it won't be long before people are starting to nest again.

i hauled this shelf in this morning before anyone came in and set it up. good thing no one saw me. it was an awkward move by myself and i was sweating like crazy. TMI?

it's right in front of the window so it was hard to get a great shot with just my iPhone but you get the idea.


speaking of my iPhone. i recently (a month ago) upgraded to the 6 from the 4s and love the size and speed but damn is this thing flimsy. i am not rough on things at all. it was sitting beside me outside not in direct sunlight the first few weeks and the screen just spontaneously cracked and then for it's final manoeuvre did a spiderweb crawl all over the place last night when i bumped into a chair.

i don't want to hear "you should have got an android" i know the woes of apple people but i do love their products. just irritating that i have to replace my stupid screen already.

**rant over**

these planters actually came in last week but i haven't had a chance to really do anything with them.  They are made of recycled pieces of wood from a furniture factory and recycled paper. They look and feel soft but are completely waterproof for plants. They are made by mothers in Sri Lanka supporting their families. Beyond the fact that they look amazing with plants in them I love that they are also a planter doing some good.

Have a great weekend everyone,

What are you all up to this weekend?


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