Bathroom Reno: Progress

The state of the bathroom as of yesterday night.

  • All of the tile has been removed
  • the front of the tub wainscotting has been removed to allow access to the valves for new yet to arrive faucet set
  • old x2 subfloors removed and new single sub floor properly installed (it is no wonder our tiles were all cracking let me tell you)
  • patched all the walls (from my excessive gallery walling)
  • all walls and wainscotting painted Benjamin Moore's White Dove (same colour as our dining room and kitchen cupboards)
  • sealed gaps in crown molding with paintable caulking and repainted ceiling flat white
  • rewired and installed new very antique light fixture (was previously hanging in a local church)

 it is hard to get a good shot of the detail on this light but it has an almost gothic raised detail on the glass and looks exactly like i had hoped in the space. the brass was terribly dirty when we brought it home but a whole lot of brasso brought it back to life.



 and all of the bits awaiting their place in our bathroom currently living in our dining room including the now temporarily homeless capiz chandelier.

I am getting excited for Wednesday morning to see our tile starting to go in and the vision coming to life. We spent a few hours yesterday washing all of the marble as it was so dusty from the supplier.

We also finally got some sun and warmish weather on a weekend so I spent a bit of time finding my workbench from a winter of hopeless piling. I am not ready to get back into painting mode to get a few pieces done for the show.

Well that's it for today

Have a good one,


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