Pinterest Inspiration: March 2014

How are you all doing?

It has been one hell of a week here in my little hamlet. We have  been running around like crazy people and I got so many great items for the show this week it is ridiculous including a whole bunch of salvaged wood banister posts. Our house looks like a dust and fur bomb and it just feels ridiculous to me to clean when there is renovation materials all over the place. I will have a bathroom update for you on Monday morning. Our tiler is coming on Wednesday to get going so I am hoping that all of the other materials on backorder start coming in so we can finish this reno up and get to the decorating and reveal stage, my personal favourite. I know it is all of your favourite as well.

Also on a side note, anyone looking for a pedestal sink with Moen monticello faucets in the Niagara Region, send me an email at [email protected]

With all the fun and chaos I almost forgot to get my inspiration on with the passing into April. And let's be honest, everything is still brown and yucky here, so inspiration is sorely needed.

Living Room Photos (18 of 2251) - Lonny 


perfectly collected

traditional living room by Two Ellie 


lovely home with a rustic cohesive flow. check out that dining room lantern.

Our Kitchen: Before & After 


i must admit i have a huge designer/blog crush on lauren liess and her recent sharings of her home in this and the next few photos have me creating a board on pinterest under her name so i can look at the fabrics and collections in one place

Our Bedroom & Secret Garden: Before & After 

Lauren Liess's Loft! 

Our Kitchen: Before & After, iron shelving, oil paintings over sink 

Stylish Loft - lookslikewhite Blog - lookslikewhite 


my favourite colour scheme

Mounted Sap Buckets 


#cottage #garden | Douglas VanderHorn 


soon pretty flowers, soon.

Island Pendant Lights | Ashley Gilbreath | Old House Kitchen | Marble Countertop | Boxwood Wreath 


those lights are making me swoon

Well that's it for the favourites this month. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.

Have a great day,


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