Woot Woot, the tile is in!

So the tile is in and the grout is in its second day of drying. The tile process made our tiler want to pull his hair out, as our renovated old home has the wonkiest walls and makes getting a straight line not simple.

I am super loving my choices of the floor and tub deck tile.When the grout went in it was almost black and I was having a super stroke that I made a huge mistake with the Delorean Gray from #homedepot. The 1x1 mosaic on the tub deck uses a lot of grout so it takes a few days to dry completely and the colour it is now is still not even the tone it will end up.

There is also the added bonus that grouting up against bead board in a small space means there is grout drying in the wood grooves that we can't get out until it is dry.


and the toilet is back in the bathroom! we have some small projects we will be finishing in here but now we are at a stand still waiting for the faucets so we can finish everything else.

major bummer alert. i knew the lead time was 4-5 weeks for the taps and since we just hit the 4 1/2 week mark i called the company to see if there was a ship date yet and low and behold the entire company is closed for passover. UNTIL APRIL 23!!!!! information that might have been useful prior to me placing the order, as that puts them at 7 weeks. i even double checked with them about the lead time prior to ordering. don't they know how important a schedule is to us bloggers? their message said they are monitoring email so i am hoping to get some kind of a response back this week.


Have a great Monday all.

I have a little spring tour tomorrow for you and a great furniture makeover later this week.

See you then.


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