Basement tour: the day has come

It is here.

The day we can finally show our almost 95% completed basement space again.

I am beyond thrilled to have this room back again and we have been enjoying it A LOT as of late.

So a few bits of info before the pretty.

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore dove wing

The trim is Sherwin Williams black magic (my fav black).

We already had the black hardware on the doors and the black trim has just tied it all together and made it look rich.

The layout has changed completely from before to allow it to function more of an entertaining space with a focus on our audiophila. [word?]

The leather club chair that is down here is one of a pair that lives in our upstairs and when I find another to replace it up there, the one upstairs will come live down here to have everything paired up.

So without further yapping on my part...

the pictures

my long time readers will notice that the "stuff" has been greatly paired down in this space. 

while there is still a lot of large pieces, the tables and surfaces do not have the same amount of decor on them and there is a reason.

upstairs i decorate by the seasons and change pieces when i feel a vision come on.

down here it stays the same all year until christmas.

we wanted this space to be clean and simple.

lots of seating for company.

footstools for everyone.

tables for every chair to put a drink or wineglass down and enjoy the music.

yes that phone works.

it's our "if the power goes out phone".

and yes that is an original green velvet sofa. oh yes it is.

the cigarette sign was dug out of a barn in sad shape and with some elbow grease and oiling it isn't back to isn't former glory but the colours suit the space.

the old wheat trunk is now a coffee table and i covered it with a dhurrie rug to soften the look and of course for the footsies.

the riddling rack in the corner has an uplight behind it so at night it serves as our night mood lighting, the adult version

the old bar entertainment unit got moved to the same wall as the fireplace so you now face both when watching tv. it brings all the action into one area of the room.

we have also put our record player that sees a lot of use right on top of the unit instead of keeping it inside.

this filing unit belonged to my neighbour growing up who recently passed away. she was an eccentric woman who was very kind to us as kids and i have only good memories of her and love that this piece ended up here. it holds remotes, instruction manuals for the basement equipment, tea lights, and lighters etc

one of our book presses adorns the top and whatever record we happen to be listening to at the moment stands behind it. looks like it was nathaniel rateliff when i was taking pictures.

you can also see through to my anniversary gift from trevor from last year. he found me this awesome roached out jeep grill and its even green. yes we gift each other with what most consider to be scrap metal.

we finally put a real backsplash on this bar after we had to rebuild the walls anyways.

simple white subway tile.

only thing missing still is the live edge shelves. i can't decide if i want 1 or 2. big debacle in my mind so we haven't put anything yet.

also toying with the idea of painting this cupboard out. only reason being as it does blend into the floor quite a bit and with the black wine fridge it makes the overall appearance of this end of the space quite dark.


the space where the sofa used to be. 

we relocated the desk and 1 of the ektorp chairs.

this chair is mostly used by sammy now but it is on sliders so when need be we just slide it over to the other section, which is honestly so simple now.

and when you turn the other way facing the bar, we have relocated the table to where the tv used to be. this has worked out so much better. we can now see the tv if we are having a movie dinner night and people sitting at the table can still be involved in the conversation.

that door leads to the almost done bathroom. my suitcase tower hasn't reached the ceiling yet but thats how we store all our basement christmas tree ornaments.

of course we had to give that bike pride of place still in the space. [trevor's first mini bike he learnt to ride on and was in fact his mother's first]

and the cubbies got a little restyling.

the white backdrop is so much better for our collections as you have heard me say before. so as the rest of the room got pared down with things, this niche still showcases our loves from trophies, to bikes, to gnomes and even jeeps.

you can catch a glimpse beyond the club chair of our record rack. the rack is one from an old record store. i found the rack on etsy and the seller was awesome and even delivered it to the shop.

i went to one our suppliers prior to christmas and saw these smokey black lanterns and knew i had to have them for the basement (one of 2 of our only new additions to the space decor wise, those swiss army pillows being the other) and love the stunning look and just overall different tone they are. of course i grabbed some for the shop as well but i love them in our basement.

Well that's it for the main room

Glad you could join.

Curious what it looked like before?

Click the picture below

it also lets you visit the rug that didn't make it from sever water damage *sniffle*

2 different style spaces. i love them both but the function now is just so much better.

Have a great day


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