B & A: Not too black and some greenery.

and it's Thursday!

I know super interesting opener but somedays there just isn't anything snappy coming out.

Yesterday kicked my toosh around the block trying to balance being a dental hygienist and my needy dinging iPhone that desperately just wanted me to do business work.

a good disaster of my own making.

I will admit I fully relaxed at 11:30 into watching an old episode of Full House while I wrote most of this post.

I'm not sure what my fascination is with old sitcoms from many years ago but they don't make you think to hard and they always give you a laugh with no dead people.

Did anyone else ever notice that Uncle Jesse's last name changed from season 1 to 2?

My garage has been filling and emptying as of late of some fantastic furniture pieces for customers. It's like when it's time to get your hair done. You go in with wet hair in  a ponytail with 3 inch roots and when you come out it's all touched up and bouncy.

This dresser had 6 inch roots. Yikes. A gorgeous solid wood body with a rotten finish. Literally the varathane was just peeling off so needed some serious sanding right down to the wood.

Check this beauty out now.

the request for this piece was black but not too black. my go to black got a break for this one as it is a true black and we were going for a more antique charcoal look.

where to turn?

why annie sloan comes to mind

graphite and a load of dark wax antiquing

aren't the wood handles and detailing on this piece fantastic

and this dresser has a surprise. it is a sweet little writing desk with a wood surprise inside.


you can see the peeling on the drawers in the photo

i also found these photos hanging out in my camera from a few weeks ago of some succulents i potted up for the shop. these are mostly sold but i just thought it would be nice to look at with the colours and different containers.

Well have a fantastic day everyone,


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