The back of the store; more revamping!

Well the start of another week or the end of mine. Another fantastic week in the store and I even managed to sneak a few photos around customers on Thursday. We are finally getting to a point where the physical displays in the shop are working for us and the product vintage and new that we are bringing in is easier to display and see.

Since I teased you a few weeks ago with the front of the store I thought it high time to share what we got up to in the back of the store.

although cute and at the time cheap, the crates at the back of the store on the chalkboard wall were becoming a mental hindrance to me. the idea works well in our front hallway in our home because i don't move my displays around that often. trying to make each cubby look awesome every time something sold and make each one visible was becoming a quick pain after only a few short months.

we bought metal shelf brackets from rona in different colours to get enough and sprayed them black to practically blend into the chalkboard paint.

we added the same colour shelving as our pipe shelf to tie everything together and voila. new merchandisable shelving.

the capri blue candles are all lined up and in their mercury glass containers they look great against the black. (the small size of this candles should be back in stock soon for those waiting for favourites)

aren't those cast iron horse heads cool?

i thought so and i'm not even a horse person

our peshtemal inventory gets a hanging place. much easier to see and feel when they aren't rolled up.

a good portion of the pillows are on this shelf. not all because lets face it, WE HAVE PILLOWS in the store in lots of shapes and colours because i am a fabric whore but this shelf is working it with more of them in one place

our more floral scented soap line from hidden lane farms in smithville. this line is made from goats milk in scents of lavender, lilac, pear and sugar etc.

the center of the store back here also got some reworking. trevor spent a good amount of time hanging that ladder and the party lights. our ceiling is a drop ceiling and makes hanging anything difficult. we are trying to make some creative displays from the ceiling while doing the least amount of destruction.

this black table was a work table we had at home i painted. it is at the wrong height for anything in a home but works out perfect here.

oh a peek of our first new very old unit

our second soap line gets a resting place on a vintage canada post mail sorter. this line is made from coconut oil in earthy scents like patchouli, lemongrass, coconut, sandalwood etc. this line is from harmony on west in port colborne. trevor and i have been pretty well exclusively using bonnie's soap for about 8 years and really love it. natural products, great smells and bonus less soap scum in your shower. have you looked at the ingredients in your soap lately?

ah, the knob display. my mom and i drove an hour away to pick up this vintage mechanics bin and after laughing ourselves to death trying to fit the damn thing in our vehicle we got it home in one piece, well 6 pieces really but you get it. we also managed to jam a few other goodies in the car that day. master packers, that's us.

 trevor removed about 50 extra dividers and we had a local friend spray it white and i love the look. we have a good selection of knobs now but i am hoping to find a lot more great choices.

here in canada we don't have places like hobby lobby to just go and get knobs like this for furniture projects so people have been pretty excited to see this kind of thing.

my new favourite spot in the store. this thing weighs a bajillion pounds. it is a real canada post sorter and i love it! it holds so many of our smalls including our new illume candle line and ticking tea towels that just arrived making them all  look nice and orderly. it attracts wonderful attention too.

Well have a splendid day all,


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