Getting back to roots, not hair roots although those can be problematic.


So I was looking for an idea starter, brain pull start on Pinterest this morning and came across one of my photos of a retail display at Watson Kennedy home.

This store is (and I believe there are actually 2 of them ) are in Washington state so sadly too far away for me to visit tomorrow.

Anyways tangent... I clicked through the photo realizing I had never looked at his website.

I have his book and love it which means I should probably look at carrying it in the shop for all to enjoy.

Of course I had to remove my vignette items so I could see the top of this book but doesn't my flower flog collection go well with the cover?

Like I said I started reading his blog and realized he writes an actual blog. The way blogs were originally intended to be written. I have been writing mine for about 6 years now and never really went over to the power blogger side because I wasn't interested enough and  really couldn't make the time. I probably could have found the time but, that's the story for all of us right? We don't have time until it's important to us and then we make the time.
I find lately I read less and less of these blogs as I can't tell who's writing them anymore and the ideas just seem turned out because they had to be not because there was passion behind them. Did I become like that, gosh I hope not.

Another tangent there, sorry.
I was fascinated while reading and see that he runs 2 award winning retail stores and writes a daily blog. 

It made me realize that maybe my blog has become a little you only see the finished product and don't know me that well.
I am not making promises to blog daily but maybe just maybe I will try to revert even more to just writing.
Showing you the things that matter to me, what I'm up to. Little blurbs about new products I am excited about.
Oh I'll still be here with my home tours, pillow shenanigans and furniture redos of course but let's get back to business and why blogs really started.
I love my camera but don't carry it with me and since I don't and have gotten into the every photo needs to be perfect mentality I have slowed my blogging when in fact my iPhone takes splendid photos now and I take the photos anyways so why not share more.

Blogs were/ are a journal of sorts of the author and my focus is usually about the home and gardening but you may see other things I love and quotes that inspire me.

Here was today's from Ted's blog

I think it sums it up nicely. I think we all get lost in our woes, me included  sometimes and forget to focus on the brilliant. You are as old as you act and yeah it's hot out.
We bitch all winter about the cold so suck it up and go for a swim.
Our area is rife with lakes and beaches. Just take your shoes off and walk in the water.
Go for a late night walk along the parkway.
Find a new favourite ice cream stand and get it all over your hands.
There are a lot of great things that don't require skill or money just your pure enjoyment of life.
I'm making it my goal to try to slow down a little and enjoy my time more.

I hope you do too.

and to more conversations in the future


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