SERIES: the hard to buy for; the VINTAGE lover

Hello all!

I am continuing on with our hard to shop for series today. Did you miss our first person to shop for the Decorista? find it HERE. I know a lot of you are waiting on baby news (believe me I am going stir crazy waiting myself), nursery photos and Christmas photos. I'm getting there, promise. I will soon have lots of that to share.

Today's person to shop for is the vintage lover. Now from my perspective this could be the hardest person on your list. Why?

Well usually a vintage lover settles into a certain niche, they collect something really specific and/or it's very hard to know when adding to someone's growing collection if you are duplicating something they already have or vintage is not your niche at all so what if you buy a fake. If you really want to buy the real deal, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and ask what the person would like, where to find it etc.

While all of the above are great points, keep in mind vintage lovers usually will appreciate vintage and a really good quality reproduction as well especially at this time of year. Especially if they use said vintage to decorate their homes.

for the vintage theme i have gone with a traditional red, green and gold as it will be the most common when purchasing something that is actually vintage

left to right:

a] vintage red cone ornaments b]handmade wooden block decor with vintage santa holiday card motif c] antique brass tray d] reproduction lovely bottle brush tree e] lab beaker f] pewter measuring pitchers g] vintage silver deer h] bottle brush wreath ornament i] handmade pottery mug j] provisions food items k] vintage style role poly santa m] brass candlesticks 

deer are always a big winner this time of year. brass, silver doesn't really matter but adding one that has a bit of history to a collection will usually be much appreciated. vintage lovers also tend to like the "one of" approach so a handmade mug/ set hits those notes as well

artisan food stuffs are also a nice little additive to a gift. if you are adding to someones antique lighter collection or maybe found some really great vintage bottle brush trees but want to add just a little bit more. foodie items can fill in wonderfully and at this time of year will likely get used up quickly.

ah, the bottle brush phenomenon. finding large real ones is getting more and more difficult but some of the reproductions out there like these are sure to still hit the spot.

Other great ideas for the vintage lover gift giving:

cast iron antique tree stand 

vintage wool blanket [make sure there is still a label of origin attached]

antique polish ornaments

vintage santa figurines

package of tinsel [also makes a great gag gift]

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