Adding some gold

Our upstairs hallway got spiced up with the new white railing that you already saw in our downstairs. So why not add to some more spice to the mix with another gallery. Have you ever hung things above an open stairwell? Yikes! Have a beer ready for your partner in crime as it may take some convincing.

I wanted to add all mirrors but my patience ran out waiting for people to relinquish them to thrift stores. Hello, aren't they aware other people are looking to give those mirrors good homes.

Anyways, I got the idea to do a mix of empty gold frames and mirrors.

i left the old wires in the empty frames (i can see my mom tsk tsking as i write this) because it kind of gives me the wonder of what used to be in them.

one of these frames also used to be white. i found a great spray paint that turns out exactly like the paint on the antique wood frames. it is made by design masters from michael's in antique gold. i then used dark wax rubbed into the frame.

can you guess which one?


the gold ties into all the other gold pieces in the hallway.

i am still on the hunt for a few more but the odd number of 5 looks great for now.

Have a great day



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