Free the boobs!

Oh get your mind out of the gutter. This isn't one of those blogs.

Free the boob lights. Did I forget to write lights in the title. Silly me.

These lights were replaced when we first moved in to something that looked slightly better than the yucko brass boob lights that were there. The flushmounts we found were from Home Depot in a bronze finish but, never looked stylish and gave off a weird light. Now they have changed again. I looked for the right pendants lights for awhile and wanted something simple and clean but had the rustic industrial quality of our house. Oh yeah and the budget was 100.00 or under per light. tricky tricky. I was going to make the lights, but if

 I tell my poor husband we have to make or rewire too many more lights his head is going to explode.

Enter Barn light Electric to the rescue. 

Discount lighting section.....yes sniffing out a deal.......warehouse stem mount....uh huh.....galvanized finish...pitter patter of heart beats..........95.00 each......SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

We I ordered the 17" Warehouse Stem Mount Pendant in galvanized.

best part is for excited schizo people like me, they here were within a week.

 Check them out!

 I am also aware that is a Christmas tree you can see. Don't send me nasty e-mails about my tree being up ok scrooge.

the BEFORE, don't you love how i made this the worst picture ever. makes the Afters look that much better. blog tip me to you.


one of the lights beside the bathroom. also gives a good peek of our freshly de-oaked banister. i love the white, it is so fresh and clean.


outside the laundry room.


both together in hallway happiness. they give off an amazing glow at night. i am in love.

last project for this room is to replace the carpet runner on the stairs. finding an affordable jute runner is much harder than you might think.  

Have a great day,


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