Paperwhites and Chalkboards

Well it's time to start posting the Christmas pictures. A new Christmas header has made its way into this blog and lots more seasonal inspiration to come.

  I think I'll start today nice and slow with  some planters and a Christmas DIY.

Nothing says fresh inside the house like paperwhites. A lesson learned the hard way though, some DO NOT smell lovely and are in fact quite overpowering. I apologize to all those I have previously gifted the beautiful bulbs in the fragrant variety.

This year I used Paperwhite Inbal NON FRAGRANT

our mean santa watches over the growing bulbs


a little moss adds more nature to the top of these bulbs

I joined the chalkboard masses out there and made a sign for our kitchen, with a little help from my go to chopper man.

We purchased a plain piece of 2x3 hardboard at home depot and some simple mdf molding. The molding was cut at 45 degree angles for the corners. I only used wood glue and clamps to hold this baby together. I used the chalkboard spray paint which I find leaves a nice smooth coat. Season with chalk and begin your lettering. I am not the patient sort so going to a print shop, and printing out graphics weren't happening. I don't think my freehand turned out too bad.


i went through all the quotes from our favorite christmas movies but, kept coming back to white christmas. anyone who knows me, is aware i am a bit tradition bound with this movie. i watch it at least 5 times throughout the holidays and it is a must on christmas eve.

i also wasn't sure if "that's a one year membership to the jelly of the month club. it's the gift that keeps on giving" would be understood by everyone who hasn't seen and memorized national lampoon's christmas vacation which runs right in second to white christmas in our house.


a glimpse of the square christmas wreath i made out of our old christmas tree. more on that to come soon.

I love Christmas time and do my best to ignore all the scrooges.

Time to start decking your halls.

Have a great day


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