A vintage green toolbox

Good morning friends or almost afternoon for those American friends that have been up since 4 baking. I saw some of those on my instagram feed today. I also saw a lot of Thanksgiving shopping boycotting items. I have to say I am inclined to agree. Starting to take holidays away from families and the whole thankful part and add to the glutinous part, just seems to defeat the point of the holiday to me. 

I took a brain break yesterday from the constant hashing of the market this weekend and went and did some Christmas shopping at the Niagara Outlets. There were already a lot of great deals to be had and I almost finished my shopping. I also got stopped by a news woman wanting to interview me about the black friday deals and over the border shopping. I'm glad I dressed so cute for the day that it got me noticed but although on the blog it may seem like I am constantly shopping, and for antiques yes that is true but I don't feel like 

I am a good person to ask regarding regular shopping as the last time I was in a mall was last January.  I enjoy clothes and could definitely have a shoe obsession if time/money permitted but, most of the time shopping amongst rude people in the mall with the heat cranked so that even lifting your arm makes you overheat seriously makes me want to scream like Kevin McCallister.

I have been desperately trying to get photos of our home decked out for the holidays but the weather is NOT cooperating. It has been so dark and dreary here for at least a week so fingers crossed the sun comes out a smidge in the next few days.

I did a makeover on a cute little toolbox I found and took the photos in front of a window door in our  kitchen so you could see it.

Now normally I leave these toolboxes wood because that seems more original to me but this one was so handmade that the trim pieces didn't match and one side had a wallpapery trim thing so paint was the unifier. I used #missmustardseedmilkpaint with mostly boxwood but some luckett's green mixed in. I lightly waxed the piece and then went to town with the sand paper and dark wax to make the piece look authentically old

A little natural styling with books, eucalyptus, a sugar cone and some red rose hips 

My yellow bundt pan is also adding a little something to this photo.

Here is the box before. Just a simple wood toolbox.

Well back at it.

Talk to you soon,


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