Christmas House Tour Part 2: The upstairs floor

Good morning everyone. Let's go upstairs today and check out what got Christmas-ified in the bedrooms. Well just one bedroom to be exact because........I have paint patches on the wall of the spare bedroom and a few projects for the room holed up in our garage waiting for me to have a home day of non-work creating. I think that day will come next weekend. I can't wait to share it with you but, alas means that Christmas did not really come to that room so we will have to tide ourselves over with the others.

Let's meander.......

i made this lumbar pillow from a fabric i got on spoonflower a few months ago.  it is a great faded christmas tree pattern but not too bright or exciting as this room stays quite white and bright for all seasons.

i setup this table in the hallway quite similar to last year because i loved in so much. i added a little bit more colour in the vintage glass balls. i changed out the african textile that usually hangs on the wall with a red stripe grainsack and hung a displaced boxwood wreath in the mix for some more holiday jazz.

some natural rustic touches. i popped some pinecones into the pitchers and called it done.

the office is the room that gets the hints of colour at this time of year. super simple with balls spread about and the odd bottle brush tree or nutcracker.

my piles of grainsacks are huge right now after a recent shipment. they are awaiting their time at the sewing machine to become pillows for all you etsy shoppers out there. i haven't found most of my local shoppers to be aware of what they are just quite yet or the history and durability that the fabric holds.

our weather has been a bit raunchy as of late for picture taking indoors so, this is as good as the display by the window gets. i really love taking out some of the vintage santas that i have been collecting over the last few years. they make me happy to look at.

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