Let's succulent

Oliver and Rust hosted a great workshop last night with a crew of ladies all set to learn and grown their own masterful creations of succulents in their home.

We don't have a huge space for workshops so we keep the numbers small but sometimes I think small is better because you are able to get some hands on help when it comes to learning and planting. It also gives more time for eating, drinking and socializing which can be fun.

The ladies learned how to start from scratch with a planter and also how to refresh a planter if just part of it has kicked the bucket as you can see Jill sharing below.

The ladies were welcomed to bring their own pot or purchase one in store to make their piece unique to them and below is all the transformations that were had.

It's so fun to see everyones unique personality with plants especially with the containers choices, toppers and what everyone leans towards with different plants.

Another learning success at Oliver and Rust.

Another workshop will be planned in the near future likely on how to create a glass forest terrarium.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy the Olympics tonight.


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