You're not writing on the wall?

So I got myself up to a bit of mischief this Christmas holiday. I took a break from blogging but not because I was leaving my house alone.

I had a few projects creep out of my head and onto our walls etc and this one is up first.

The wall by our main floor bathroom was just begging for something more dramatic than wall paint. I had considered wallpapering it with a fantastic print for probably 2 years but decided on the more budget friendly route for now as the wallpaper I was looking at was a little out of my reach. Can we say yikes at 295.00 per roll?

I went with good old fashion chalkboard paint for a nice smooth zinc look.


I was hemming and hawing about the colour of the chalkboard as I really wanted it to be the old school green but seeing as I couldn't find the green paint locally and the project was itching my scalp to get done, black it was. I painted the wall, seasoned it with the back of a chalk stick, wiped it clean with a magic eraser and ta da. Finito!

 i did not paint this wall to draw on like so many others, i just wanted the depth and interest. i hung a huge antler i had over my botanical chart and love the results. it's rustic meets science.  i was hunting for a white deer head like the one in our basement and found some awesome resin options on etsy but for the sake of keeping this diy cheap, i used something i already had.

 a complete view from bathroom to the kitchen. the christmas tree is down and the house is back to breathing it's normal spaces. i put so much away (don't start laughing at me, this is as sparse as maximalists get) and am enjoying the lack of glitter.

i will be showing some of our winter spaces over the next few weeks along with a few more of our crazy projects.


Happy Friday everyone!


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