Finding my Patina Style

It's no secret if you follow me on Pinterest that I love Brooke Giannetti and her blog Velvet and Linen. I think a blog post of my favourite sources of inspiration is forthcoming.

Anyways, the book she and her husband authored Patina Style is hands down my favourite decorating and design book. It is picked up and looked at frequently in my home if I need some inspiration on a vignette giving me trouble, or if I just need something beautiful to browse through.

When removing the Christmas splendor from our spare bedroom I wanted to add a newly acquired table (from my wonderful granfather-in-law, one of the original pickers) to corral half of my collection of orchids. It was a lovely faded pine and would add just the right amount of patina to our bright room.

The upstairs of our home still has the eclectic feel of our main floor but with less industrial pieces and a little bit lighter style

Once I added the orchids to the table, the tone of the room took on the one I feel when looking at Brooke's photos and I felt calm and excited at the same time.

the pale wood tones and green plants, whites, wicker all add to my patina room. my eclectic quirky factor couldn't be denied with this great quilt though.


I love reading in this room and playing with my plants. It is a comfortable room for guests and I think it shows the lighter patina side of our style.

What about you? What is your Patina Style?

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