What a year it has been, a round up!

Well it's that time of the year when bloggers are rounding up their popular posts, not so popular but still loved posts, giving their thanks and I suppose it is no different over here. This little blog of mine is still going strong. We aren't growing at an exceptional hare like rate but we are growing steady and strong like a leatherback turtle. My business name is growing and people are genuinely excited about what I have to share and show.

So to all of you that read and come to my shows and keep asking about the future of the shop,


from the bottom of my heart. 

You've made it a great year. 
While many bloggers have already whipped out the  tree and put away their decor, we like to continue enjoying ours until New Years. Seems like so much work to not enjoy it at all for a few days afterwards all the craziness.

Today, instead of just a popular post round up I thought I'd go back and go month by month and pick out what I thought was awesome to share again.


I got a bee in my bonnet about painting the wall by our bathroom in chalkboard paint, so I did and still love it now.

I also decided to whitewash the brick on our fireplace as I was taking down last years Christmas decorations

and although this project didn't go crazy blog wise it became my most repinned photo on Pinterest. I give you the crate shelf


ah the month of snow and cold around here. That meant more crazy projects, mostly focused in the kitchen this month

The much loved kitchen cart, that became the second most popular post EVER here, got mentions on so many sites it really is crazy. It even showed up on Domaine Home.

Then I got myself and my poor husband into building a plate rack so I had somewhere to store all of our platters in our small kitchen.

I also did a neat series last February about Inspiration and where we get it from. Everything from books, blogs to instagram. The link takes you to the beginning of the series.

March came and went in a pile of dust as we started our bathroom renovation.

Therefore moving onto 


Our top posts of the year were both in the dining room. You all enjoyed our spring dining room

and our Easter tablescape


brought us a lot of great fun regarding the spring show. There were many furniture makeovers, lots of pillow creating and general fun


yes you counted that right. 3 months later! It took forever to finish our bathroom reno but we got 'er done. and I love it, like super de duper love it.

Those shelves, the bees knees, that antique light, meeoooowww!

Our 2014 house tour was released with all the new and updated spaces

July and August

was filled with many posts about my love of gardening,

and our outdoor patio

and this blog also showcases a lot of furniture makeovers, this was one of my favourites of the year

I redid a few things in my office to make it function better including a little white makeover on this dresser


We adopted our new little baby. He may not be so little but he has captured our hearts and we love him dearly. Mr. Franklin got himself a home that needed him.

I found a fantastic idea on Pinterest and made over our garage doors into "wood" garage doors for 20 bucks. I made a believer out of Trevor with this one.


another show come and gone

and loads of travelling through the states.


we painted our downstairs hallway black

and then we made it to December and you have enjoyed the tour of our Christmas home and the Christmas market

There were many other little things and even some big things but these are the highlights and I hope you enjoy re-snooping through the posts when you have time.

Have a fantastic fekking day all,

(a little obsessed with Mrs. Browns boys right now)


knick of time

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