Watery blues and pale greens


It always seems crazy to me how fast time goes by. It has already been over a month since I redid our basement and posted it on here.

We are most days heavily into spring here [although some days it seems like winter] and while the days keep screaming past it seems so slow at the same time as we wait for green and flowers and grass to grow.


In the past month we have released two pillow collections but the first one came out and went so fast I didn't really even get a chance to share it here.

The second collection we released yesterday and I am sharing bits of it here with you today.

 The full lineup piled high in a vintage laundry cart. Loads of happy neutrals with blues and greens getting us in the mood for the upcoming season. I am a lover of dark textiles and moody velvets but this time of year I always whip those away as we try to to freshen and lighten. I organized my pillow cover closet last week to see if there was anything that had run it's course in our home and needed to head into the donation pile and I was happy that I still love most of what I have. I don't use them all, all of the time but they all still work. 

 Above a Kilim rug pillow made from an authentic Turkish kilim rug.  A thick beauty that holds up well on any chair or sofa. Maybe not the softest pillow we'll ever own but a look that travels well between vintage style homes, modern homes and everything in between.

 Camille. This fabric is high performance and can handle anything life throws at it including the outdoors. Made from 100% olefin means it is mildew resistant and UV resistant [note I said resistant not proof which is an important factor when planning textiles for your outdoor spaces]

Top of the pile on down:

Blue ikat


Karen green with a fringe


 Left to Right: 1.Camille [in square]   2.Lynus    3.Andrew     4. Art mudcloth

Well thanks for enjoying our pillow love. I finally got the last piece of a little update in my bedroom so will be hopefully sharing that here next week.

Have a great weekend everyone,

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