Traditions at Christmas


Traditions are one of those things we get very involved with at this time of year. It's the constant that can remind us of all the years past, the memories we carry with us.

Traditions of course can change, nothing is set in stone and setting up new tradtions is always fun too. 

My family has quite a few Christmas traditions including the cinnamon buns my mom makes every year for Christmas morning. She tried to change that out a couple years, and there was an all out revolt. She has resigned to the idea that she will forever be making cinnamon buns on Christmas morning. Christmas Eve for as long as Trevor and I have owned a home, we have hosted an all out shindig that has grown smaller over the years to include just family but is at our home every year. Many times the nights ends in dance hilarity or movie watching and then scrambling to bed to get up the next morning.

When we had Emma two years ago we decided to jump on some new Christmas traditions. Of course when she was an infant and even last year she was unaware of these traditions we thought of but this year there is recognition in the sparkle of ornaments and every time someone points at a Santa she says "that's HO HO".

Emma's birthday is on December 1 and December 1 is also the day that the Elf on the Shelf appears in many homes across the country and beyond.

I bought one of these mailboxes the year she was born and had Trevor hang it on the brick beside our fireplace.

Every December 1, her elf {Floyd} will appear with a little gift; this year is a Christmas pop up Elmo book and a letter from Santa.

Emma's elf is not young or shiny or new but in fact an old vintage one I found years ago so the name Floyd seems to suit him.

The tradition of elf on the shelf is one I love. We also have an elf on the shelf at the shop named Clark.

At home we won't be going crazy mounting him all over the house and he won't be threatening good beahviour as that's a daily lesson not just a Christmas one over here but I love the idea of helping keep her Christmas spirit running having something to check and look forward to every December 1.

Fast forward two years and I was able to find the exact mailbox I hung on our fireplace wall along with 2 other styles for anyone else out there wishing to add an extra hit of Christmas cheer to their fireplace. Or maybe this will be a portal for the letters to magically make it to the North Pole from your kitchen wall.

Galvanized Mailbox        Green Mailbox

The green mailbox and the galvanized one don't "look" like Christmas which is why mine stays up all year and many people are actually using as a mailbox on their home.

These mailboxes are made to go outside but just a suggestion from me to you if using in an uncovered elemental spot. Grab a can of matte spray sealer from the hardware store and give it a coating to help protect the paint peeling and prevent some rust.


The red one is clearly sending letters to Santa.

 In the shop the mailboxes are all hanging at the back of the shop in our corner display.

Hopefully your traditions are going strong and you're getting set to enjoy them.

Talk soon everyone,

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