The vintage rug movement. Still riding the wave.

vintage rugs.

all the colours of the rainbow.

all the warmth and comfort added.

the depth of space.

avoiding a purchase of a new mass made item and keeping your floor uniquely you.

we are doing a mini ECO week in store this week.

focusing on the products that we carry in store that help you reduce waste, reuse an item or upcycle.

using what you have and own, always tops that list prior to purchasing something new. 

an odd thing for a retailer to suggest but switching your home over to beeswax wraps for your food items is amazing but don't toss the box of ziploc bags just because you heard they're bad.

use them. use them multiple times if need be until they're gone and used up, then focus on the beeswax wraps you bought.

part of our eco week also highlights vintage items that are seeing a new life. staying out of the landfill and bringing new character to your space.

 vintage rugs fit that bill perfectly.

image house and home

whether you're feeling the depth of the traditional red rugs or the neutrals. wool rugs, mostly from turkey are handknotted and dyed. many aging into the 50+ years and beyond. 

they're a bit of an initial investment depending on the style, size and quality however they're an investment that will outlive your need likely.

they can handle a beating.

the dog.

your kids.

your husband's work boots.

the cat puke.

the snow.

the salt.

you get the picture.

image via amber interiors

the floor underneath the above runner is  a stunning herringbone brick however with the neutral rug on top, the entire space just ties together with the black bench and brings everything to life.

there's not much a vacuumn cannot fix when it comes to these rugs.

image via amber interiors

the beauty of so many of them is that as long as you nail your general palette, the rug can also allow your space to carry more colours or seasonsally change your colours as well. instead of being tied to a blue rug. your blue vintage rug may also focus on green, yellow, orange, rust, coral pink and black giving you so many more options for the other textiles in the room.

i am not a matchy matchy person. 

i love the blend

i love the coziness of multiple things happening at once

our floors are covered in vintage rugs and we absolutely adore them. our living space has a very large red, beige, green and blue rug in the center,

on the other side  of the room near our sitting area the rug is a green and beige with a touch of copper.

the green in the red rug is almost a dead ringer for the main green in the other rug. the two tie together without being too serious.

this look of mis match is not for everyone but my point is, it is possible.

image via white shanty home

even when heavily worn, the vintage rugs still manage to look splendid like the above space.

image via amber interiors

the medium earthy coral rug via oliver and rust shop. available here and in store

the rug we used for the most recent collection in the studio warms up all the white and allows the textiles to all really shine together.

the neutral brown vintage runner shown in my upstairs hallway also available in store and online.

this runner is a great example of when you don't really want a lot of bright colour going on. it has an intricate pattern but the whole look remains neutral.

Well that's it for rug talk today,

Make it a great one,


Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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