The stuff dreams are made of: Terrain Westport Conneticut

Good morning everyone.

We just got back from a trip out east last week, a work trip for the shop but trip nonetheless.

Near the end of the trip we were close enough to a place I have wanted to visit for what seems like forever. For those of you that may not have been following along with my instagram stories and had the little excitement tour, I brought my camera in like a nutter and took a ton of photos of which I will share a fraction with you today.

Not a lot to say today as the photos really speak for themselves. The genius in display and the sheer collection of pots, plants, decor and the cafe set right into the middle of the shop are just inspiration on overload for me. The stuff dreams are made of [if you're a plant lover who happens to have a fascination for retail that is]

Welcome to Terrain; Westport CT.

Enjoy the photos!

Enjoy your day all,


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