Ok all, if you aren't in the market for an adorable sheep print,

this post isn't for you.

If you are one of the many many many people that have emailed inquiring about this print, here is the more detailed explanation because honestly I just don't want to keep emailing the same response to hopeful inquirers and dashing their dreams.

The sheep print that I hung in our daughter's nursery is probably my favourite piece in the room. It showcases 3 sheep which kind of look like a daddy, mommy and baby sheep. It perfectly depicted how I felt about our little family growing and apparently it has struck a chord with many of you as well.

I purchased this print fully framed the way you see it from an art wholesaler that I use here in Canada for the shop. They do not release the print info to me so I don't even know where one would source this information from.

If you are a local shopper or within driving distance I can for sure help you acquire this print for your home. Please call the shop 905-892-9000 or email me at [email protected] and we can help you on your way. It is an average 4-6 week wait for the company to prepare this print for me.

If you aren't local, the unfortunate answer is because of the way that I receive this massive print framed I am not entirely comfortable with shipping this anywhere.

I hope this answers some more of the questions for any of you that were interested.

Have a good day,


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