The Rest of the Office Reveal

Good morning everyone.  The sun is shining and the crows are squawking up a storm outside my window. They must know they are the birds of fall.

I thought that I would share the rest of the office today.

As a little reminder I purchased this secretary for more storage for my etsy business

and then that snowballed into refinishing this dresser in the same finish for a cohesive look

Of course when 2 pieces get redone in a room, it causes the urge to purge. Ha I rhymed.

Anyways, I cleaned off my shelves and got rid of a lot of my books that were taking up some space. I had most of them since high school so none were the great American novel, more like multiple copies of The Devil Wears Prada but they found new homes in family and friends and gave me again more space.

The feather fabric I ordered from Spoonflower finally arrived (great site, long wait time buyer beware if in a hurry.) I ordered it in the Kona cotton but next time will probably go a little heavier weight for pillows. It feels right in between quilting weight and home decor fabric.

I got some more storage on the shelves in the form of suitcases and baskets to store all of my odds and ends like spare tape, ribbon, packing paper etc.

I know bright light room but not really. Like I have mentioned before I think this is actually my most awkward room to photograph. The light comes in here in the morning but in a glaring way where it sends that single stream of light onto one spot and the afternoons are incredibly dark. Makes for weird photography. Maybe one day I'll research that light pole thing.

I left my sewing machines on the desk so you get a feel for how the space functions instead of me just telling you I really do use this space as an office.

Now though there is the addition of a dog sitting on the sewing machine pedals.

All of the ready to shop pillows are folded neatly in that crate on the trunk under the table. Vintage pillows have a separate drawer. I'm an organization nut, what can I say.

My bubble wrap hangs on the wall over the cardboard and wrap paper. The zippers for all my pillows are in that grain sack hanger on the antique doors. That way I just have to spin my head and pull one out and keep going.

Some of you got a kick out of the fact that I was stripping in the house in the secretary post. I was actually wood stripping this table. The top finish had gotten very chipped and flaky so I removed the multiple coats of varathane to reveal a gorgeous wood desk underneath. It is a flat finish now and I quite love it.

Well that's it for today folks

Have a good one,


savvy southern style

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