Meet Franklin


Today I would like to introduce you to the big home change we had this week.
His name is Franklin and he is just handsome.

Let's go back a little bit though.
I didn't share this story at the time because it was just too much.
Some of you long time readers will recall that Trevor and I went on a roadtrip to Virginia back in May for our long weekend. We left our home knowing that our baby Milo was not feeling good. She had started drinking noticeably more water and not regularly eating her food.
My mom and dad petsit our animals when we go out of town and we love them even more for that. Watching a herd of pets a few times a day for multiple days on end is hard work but we feel ease knowing they are well taken care of.
We came home to find Miss Milly not doing any better and my parents having tried everything to get her to eat. 
The next day just went downhill from there and by the end of the day Monday Milo was barely able to walk. She held out for the whole weekend but when we came home, it was like she knew we were there and she could just let nature take its course. 
We spent the longed night of our lives up with an extremely ailing dog howling and puking everywhere. We were just crying and staring at the clock waiting for it to say 8:00 so we could get to the animal hospital.
Without getting myself or anyone else more upset, Trevor and I said goodbye to our 16 year old dog on our 14 year anniversary.

We still can't look at Jack Russell terriers without getting extremely upset.

On to our new chapter. I have a wonderful long time patient that feels just as sentimental about her pets as I do. She is very involved in our local humane society and we got to talking about adoption at her last appointment. 
A week later she called the office to let me know that although not a boston terrier, a french bulldog that she knew the foster mom of, had just been put up for adoption. The foster mom had him for 2 months and after many years and many foster dogs, compared this particular dog to her personal longtime companion He was that good. She couldn't keep him herself, as she was moving away but had told my patient all about him.
I looked up the photos on facebook and had that contemplation moment.
I put the photos up on the computer when I got home just to hear what Trev would say.
"You should go see him" was what I got.

I went to visit him last Wednesday on my lunch and he came barrelling out the door and into the kiddie pool they had set up. The volunteers let me take "Gregory" for a walk and he had the sweetest disposition.
Trevor went back with me the next day. I had told Trev that he was a bit bigger than Milo. Laughing Tevor's first words when he saw him were "You lied, he's way bigger than Milo" So I fibbed a little but I knew Gregory had a new home. 
He came home with us Saturday afternoon and we have spent entirely too much money getting him new beds, toys, collars etc. I wanted him to have his own things, not Milo's hand me downs. The cats have adjusted to him being around for the most part but, he still thinks play time is a 24 hour period and Oliver does NOT.

We weren't shopping for a new dog, I mean we had talked about it but, there were a lot of things we were looking for and a heavy shoe to fill in Milo.

We went through a ton of names because we both did not like Gregory. Otis, Lloyd, Fig, Finnigan, Ceasar, the list goes on.

I was hunting for old man names on the internet and landed on Franklin and it stuck.


So meet Franklin AKA




Frankie the Fig




 (we're nickname people, it's a habit)


He is a soft haired, one eared wonder with slobber and a bit of a nipping habit but we fell hard for him and are ecstatic to give him a home.
The lady that fostered him did a fantastic job teaching him basic commands and he was already housebroken so we are just grooming him to live in our home.


He went for his first car ride yesterday to get him used to the idea that everytime he goes in the car isn't to a kennel. We may have stopped to get our fall mums on the way.

Right after this photo he came crashing over the seat and smooshed a kale plant but he gave kisses to apologize.


And he may have helped me paint our front doors yesterday. He also pooped and ate it but that's life with a puppy.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading. Don't feel sad about our loss, I wanted to tell the story and it is why I left it so long. It feels fitting to honour Milo by giving a new dog that needed a home a place to live.


Milo December 25, 1998- May 20, 2014 

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