The first Oliver and Rust pillow collection of 2020 aptly named No.1 is live


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It 100% feels like I should be tapping a mic saying "is this thing on"


Did we all enjoy the holidays?

First time in 10 years here on this blog I missed posting my home for the holidays.

It was a whirlwind of fun, busy, glitter, travel and just too many things that I forgot to get my blogger butt in gear after we finished the kitchen reno and it just never materialized.

I guess that means we were too busy enjoying the holiday to post much about it.

Now that we're rolling on into 2020 and halfway through the first month already, Oliver and Rust has released the first pillow collection of the year.

And I am in love. I mean how many pillows can one sewing lady collect right?

Too many, don't look in that closet.

The collections are always a mix of new designer fabrics and vintage fabrics I collect in travels and from sources I have acquired around the world usually in super small villages with a team of women working on them.

The vintage fabrics take a bit more time to hammer out. Many need reinforcement, extensive presoaking and prewashing, and a lot of the thinner materials like the Karen fabrics from Thailand get a full interfacing on the inside to strengthen them as well as making them generally look nicer and standing up taller with their inserts.

I try with my wonderful team to keep the collection distances between 5 and 7 weeks where possible. This one was way longer but Christmas got itself wedged in there a bit.

Here's collection No.1.

Earthy, vintage, terracotta warm tones, whites, and a side of faux snuggly fur.



Left to right in the above scene: Mushroom, our staple Moss linen with a flangeClay mudcloth, Charles, and Charcoal Classic grainsack



Left to Right: Grey wool I, Railroad, Charlotte lumbar



on the chair: Charcoal Classic grainsack

top: olive green Karen lumbar

bottom: clay & white mudcloth linen pillow


Charlotte getting a turn on the bed with the polar bear faux fur which is the

snuggliest pillow I think I have ever made and it washes like a dream.



And a little share in the shop right after we setup last week from my cell phone. I will do a full winter shop tour in a week or so. We are waiting on a couple more initail orders that will help tell this winter's story. There is always a story, a theme I've kept in my mind and brought out through products to enhance a home and hopefully ones that you will have for some time not just "for now"



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Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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