The cabin collection from Oliver and Rust

The latest pillow collection from Oliver and Rust was released a couple weeks ago and it's going over wonderfully.

Not entirely Christmas-ey but certainly cozy.

A way to warm up the tones on the sofa and inspire a new place to snuggle. We released this one in store and then shortly after online and a couple styles sold out right off the block but this one was a massive collection for me with loads of styles so there is a ton to choose from still.

Let me introduce you to some of them.

Shown here are Karma [sold out], Cinnamon and an authenic German grainsack with the original lettering. The vintage textiles always hold my heart. Giving them new life but also just wondering who made them, how long ago and what their purpose served prior to coming to me.

Karma [sold out], a vintage grey African aso oke, Clarence brown vintage [sold out], and a plain lumbar version of the German grainsack.

I love how the tones and stripes and patterns of all of these just work together. Sometimes patterns can just whack you in the face and look busy but I'm not a super matchy person and love adding a little extra texture together.

1. Palace black naga  2. German grainsack  3. Bogart    4. Green naga with fringe

Many of the pillows hanging out in the shop after we finished setting up.

Rich and lush looking mighty happy next to our new vintage rug wall.

A blend of vintage and new in this group shot.

Left to right back row: Bogart    Euro US mail pillow [double sided] and Cinnamon

Left to right front row: Storm naga lumbar with fringe   and German grainsack lumbar

1. Emerald mudcloth   2. Railroad   3. Cinnamon   4. Emerald Bluff

Another setup in my living room. Just simple with a hint of some rusty cinnamon.

Well thanks for talking pillows everyone.

As always pillows are in store and online. Prices on this website are in CANADIAN FUNDS only.

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we have our everyday special in the shop and online when you purchase 3 or more pillows you receive 10% off.

Just sharing a little more of the pillow happiness.

Have a great day everyone,

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