The Accidental Olive Media Center

Trev and I have been quietly and patiently hunting but not really hunting for a new media center for our living room for quite awhile now.  We didn't need a new one but, we did need a new one if you know what I mean. We purchased the original chinese cupboard when we were first married and it worked in our first house and then travelled with us to this house. The problem with it for our purposes is it only allowed us to half store our audio equipment.

We are semi-professed audiophiles and almost always have some kind of music playing in the background which varies greatly depending on our moods.

We love jazz music and just finished listening to dinner jazz (I am writing this post Wednesday night) on one of our favourite satellite radio stations but have switched over to the new Kings of Leon album. Some nights it could be Peter Frampton and others Dean Martin. We spend a great amount of our nights drinking wine and listening to music to calm down after our long days. We required a media center that could happily house all our components and record player included (we like to kick it old school some nights a-side and b-side)

I went to a home a few weeks ago of a lovely woman and her daughter to pick up these end tables  and a neat skinny dresser. They asked if I would like to see some other antique pieces they had for sale and since they didn't give off the axe murder vibe I agreed.

Wowza, they had the goods. They were however above my price range at the time so I left with a full car but no big pieces.

About a week later the daughter asked if I would like to submit an offer as they really needed them gone and hadn't had other interest. Lucky me, my offer was accepted and 2 vehicles worth of furniture later everything was home.

I had NO intention of keeping any of the pieces until my obliging husband mentioned the 1 oak buffet looked like the perfect size for between our tower speakers in our living room.

After finally finding the tape measure (who takes those things for crying out loud?) it was going to be perfect.

Here is the original buffet (sans drawers)

we were really considering leaving the wood finish. it was half stripped but the top had some weird black stain that would have needed a lot of work.

to my paint workbook i went. i didn't want white, grey would blend into the walls

another green piece? why the hell not! 

i couldn't get that annie sloan olive out of my head. i am in love with it 

and just as a refresher, this is our original cabinet

So here she is, our accidental love her very much OLIVE media center

i played around with the vignette on the top for quite a bit until i got the right tones and balance without visually looking like a cluttered disaster. aged brass, green, terracotta and antique silver.


the hardware was a challenge. the original hardware was yucky and i had a heck of a time deciding on something that would blend with our room but stand out on the piece without being oppressive. i had a mixture of wood knobs in my stash that i played around with until they worked. i love the huge ones in the bottom drawer. the 2 center wood knobs are actually hobby lobby


this piece saw 2 coats of olive, 1 coat of clear wax, mms antiquing wax and grecian gold rub n' buff on the barber poles and smaller details. these really stand out around 4 pm when the sun is shining in giving it a whole new look depending on the time of day

Have a great day everyone


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