Taking back the office with a dresser redo

I trolled Kijiji for a few weeks and finally came up with a dresser to help tame the disorganization in my office. Trevor and I went to pick up the dresser on a Sunday afternoon and met 2 very strange people, which quite frankly is a story for a whole other post. Kijiji horrors, coming to a blog near you.

I'm off track, so we picked up the dresser and I attacked it a couple of nights after work.

I wanted a two tone look and really loved the walnut colour.  I did the painted portions in Annie Sloan French Linen with a lot of Miss Mustard Seed antiquing wax. I hope they don't mind being used together, as they work wonderfully as a team.

The lower drawers were sanded, stained walnut again and then antique waxed.


This bad boy was solid walnut the good, with a painted (rolled with heavy nap) top the bad



Welcome to my office space. The clean version. I am back to being able to see the floor and all the product and my idea of craft wars has been tamed so I can find a needle in my haystack. Of course, my new dresser is in front of a very bright window so some of these photos are bright with sunshine.  Oh well, makes you think of spring.
 This is a picture heavy post, so I will try to keep it to a word light post.


loving the vintage milk glass knobs

i use this 3 tier shelf intended for the kitchen as an organization tower of paint, tags, paint, and string



this pillow is from the same etsy store as the squirrel pillow. the floating shelves hold all manner of vintage, baskets and the diy botanical from a few posts ago. i stash fabric and pillows in the baskets and trunks.

 a milk glass collection on the window sill. this window is extremely bright and the only way i could see this is if the rest is blacked out.


Hope you enjoyed your tour of my taming of messiness.


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