Rub n' Buff convert

There is a 2 part reason for my living under a gold rock.

1) I live in Canada

2)...nope that's it. Just 1.

I love this country, I love living here. I do not love the higher prices and not being able to find some of the amazing products I read about online.

Weathered gray Minwax stain.

Frozen pineapple juice.

Natural coloured solar lights.

Neutrogena skin toner, special kind with orange label.

Pepper Jack cheese.

and RUB N' BUFF.


I am fortunate to live in a border town and can make frequent trips over to get my weird necessities and hit up the Hobby Lobby like a crazy person.

If you have used this lovely product before then you know of its powers with drab furniture hardware. The china cabinet I just finished refinishing came with brass hardware that didn't get the greatest patina just kind of drab. I picked up a tube (or 2) of grecian gold and went to town.

This product could not be any easier to use. The name gives you the instruction. Rub it on with your finger (easiest method) or a rag, and then buff it off with a clean rag.

Befores of hardware:

still on the hunt for brass antique screws ( this product does not work on galvanized coated screws). you can see how dark the handles and knobs look in the pictures.


the halfway point and a comparison photo. the knob on the right has been buffed and the knob on the left is jealous.




 now don't misunderstand, i don't like shiny glaring brass at all like the light fixtures you see at home improvement stores. rub n' buff gives the handles a more golden patina without the shine of new handles.

 lovely! except the screws.

Have you used this amazing product?

Any other great uses for it you have seen?

Have a great day,



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