PLANT TALK: low light plants


Low light plants were on the docket for our plant talk this past week.


First what is a low light plant?



This is a plant that can withstand not being in direct sunlight [or prefers it] as well as not even in medium light next to a window.

They are usually good for shelves and corners.


Low light almost always requires the reminder that the plant still needs some form of natural light.

Low light does NOT mean NO light.

It also doesn't mean they can grow with artificial light only unless quite close to fluorescent lighting [not incandesent].


So that bathroom with no windows or a basement is not considered low light. It is considered no light. 

Side note here: this area may require fake plants.


Low light plants tend to also be low water plants meaning low maintenace.

They are a great place for beginners to start as they thrive on neglect.

When any plant is receiving lower light conditions we always like to point out that the plant is likely "living" in low light not "growing".

In order to grow and thrive most plants require more UV light than low light conditions give.


Low light can also be different depending on the direction your window is facing as well as the distnace from the window in that direction.

Sounds confusing?

Maybe this will help.


North windows tend to provide the least amount of light for plants so, low light will be about 1-3' from the window 

East or West windows, this could 2-9' from the window

South windows, 15- 20' as they get the most and brightest light when the sun is out.

Now just because a plant is listed on the low light list doesn't mean you have one that will behave when you try to do this.

Some of those suckers have minds of their own.

Things to watch for if your plant might not be adjusting to low light conditions. One side of your plant or for a stalky plant the whole thing may start leaning or growing towards the light. It will become noticeable that there is a lean or one side of the plant is getting bushier than the other. A variegated plant [one with multiple colours ie. green and white] may start losing its two tone appearance and going back to being just green. The variegation and bright colours in plants become more evident from light.

Soil that refuses to dry out [could indicate other issues] however right off the get go if your soil won't dry out, the plant isn't using what you're giving it and a part of the photosynthesis cycle isn't working. Do not water more if you notice this. 


And what is a low light plant "class" without letting you know which kind of plants can handle the low light conditions.


 The above are some of our hard and fast easy peasy plants that can hold their own when put into low light conditions.

Tall, leafy, and trailing. There is a plant size that can suit most spaces with low light.

Hope this gets you started.


Best of luck with those dark corners,




Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Plant Talk

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