Oliver and Rust at home for winter

Welcome to the Oliver and Rust house tour for winter.

"What does your house look like?" 

It still makes me laugh and equally feel honoured that anyone is interested in the inside of our home.

Although on the flip side I am always curious about what some of my inspirational people, shop owners or accounts I follow spaces look like.

So, I get it.

I totally missed sharing our space for Christmas so thought I ought to get my keister [yup I said keister] in gear and share a mini tour for winter.

The after holidays, deglitterized, fresh space.

Let's take a wander,


Through the front foyer first



 I got myself two treats for Boxing day shopping this year. This giant antique black pot was one of them (the other was a cookbook stand I have been hunting for).

They are from the shop and are massive [like can hold a full 10" plant massive] but I am enjoying it fully empty in our front hall.




Into the living room we go,

Still thoroughly loving our white walls and refreshed mantel. If you missed that post, see it HERE.

Just a happy mix of old, new, plants and pillows. Basically the store in home format.






Our mantel is a display of things we have collected on our travels, gifts from friends, and unique pieces that have caught our eye.




And now that we're done chilling to the music by the fireplace we can wander in for dinner. Or maybe that went the other way around.


Either way into the dining room and kitchen,






 Totally took the above picture from the dining room because it caught my eye in the lens. The view into our "new" kitchen space still stops me in my tracks and I just love how it turned out. The open shelves crammed with all our daily use items is proving to be amazing. Cooking and cheffing while not having to open every cupboard is making my heart sing. I did notice after I edited this photo that I 100% wasn't really paying attention to the kitchen though as there were cookbooks out, spaghetti thawing in a container, planners and workbooks laying on the counter as I tend to think of stuff I need to do for the store as I'm working and write things down so I don't forget (paper girl over here). Not a mess at all, but a not a blogger photo either I suppose. A smidge of real life photo. Thank goodness I wasn't actually full blown cooking too. I'm a bit of a natrual disaster. Poor Trev, he's my dish bitch.


Thanks for visiting today,





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