Pillows for inside and out.

As we patiently await the changing of the seasons and all that brings, piles and piles of pillows have unleashed themselves into the store.
We even had a fun contest on instagram to see how everyone's "jelly bean" counting skills could add up guessing the amount of pillows that are hanging out at the shop. It was more than I guessed before counting that's for sure.

A collection of pillows with neutrals and the blush tones of the moment for the couches and beds of our homes dropped first.
The above photo really grabs the black and white look adding in our black linen as a background.
I also have to say, the blush tones are really working their way into my heart. 

I can't help it. Maybe it's seeing it everywhere. Maybe it is having a daughter and I can just blame her as I see blush more frequently in my four year old mom existence.
It pairs so well with neutrals and browns, it's easy to sneak in here and there.

Right on the heels of this, the beginnings of our outdoor pillows came out. In regards to outdoor pillows I tend to really lean towards the neutrals. More neutral than inside as outdoor pillows have a limited engagement in our area. They also need to suit so many spaces and be ready for sun, rain, and the heat. The outdoor pillows are nice and large for snuggling in those outdoor love seats and nice small lumbars to stack on chaise lounges under sun tanning heads.

The Andrew pillow made a return. This fabric was featured in the store a few years ago and is still just as relevant. I love that these pillows can safely go outside with the synthetic inserts but, they are hard wearing enough to live in the house as well with kid/ pet hardiness.

Thanks for letting us make your pillows dreams come true.
Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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