Paris Grey comparison tables

We are prepping for a bit of a bonfire soiree this weekend at our home so we cleaned up the garage a bit and got my pile of furniture into a much neater straight line instead of the spread out disaster I was working with.

I scooped out 2 of the smaller tables in my pile to work on this week and ended up doing them both in Paris Grey. I love the colour and the vision for both of these tables was telling me grey.

I put these tables into one (multiple views) photo op so the difference although subtle can be seen between the colour the paint comes out of the can and a dark wax altered one.

the table on the right had been dark waxed and rubbed and buffed so has a more aged appearance. the tea table on the left is just paris grey with very slight distressing and clear wax only.

i am definitely on the more full coverage side of painting furniture. i like to be able to decide where the piece is going to go and work with the lines and curves. by using less paint you are much more dependant on the colour of wood underneath and your waxing technique.


the wicker demijohn was just found at my favourite antique store. it is unfortunately not going in the for sale pile. i have been hunting for one with a handle for about a year that didn't cost over a hundred bucks.


you can see the darker tone grey in the wood details. the handle on this table is fantastic now. it was an ugly 70's brass not a good tarnished brass before.


the befores: as you can see i almost did it again and forgot the before photos. geez, summer brain is taking over blog brain

It has finally stopped raining enough here that I could get the grass cut and take photos of the gardens. I am excited to share them with you in the coming days. Everything is so green from the water.

Have a great summer solstice,


savvy southern style 

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