A great night followed by lots of sleep

Trevor and I have been super busy as of late and thought we had a free night this past weekend so why not invite a bunch of friends over for a bonfire and lots of laughter.

We find it so hard to get together with people in the summer as everyone has so many things going on so this worked out perfect and we only got 5 minutes of rain. not too shabby.

We set up a central bar in between the patio and firepit so everyone could serve themselves and munch throughout the night (also keeps a handle on the alcohol content lol)

I strung up some extra light bulb strings to make it festive and I have to say I am debating taking them down as they are pretty at night. They run right over our back garden and are attached to the giant orchard ladder I have back there.

my brother had a line on some wine barrels that i was hunting for as a checkout area for a future sale but they functioned excellent as a bar for the night with a left over wood table top



 i shoved my furniture painting cart outside and loaded some galvanized bins with ice and lots of refreshments to be enjoyed

 nothing too fancy food wise. fruit platters, veggie piles in vintage containers, some desserts and later a pile of pizzas

but there was a huge dispenser of sangria for everyone to enjoy and it went over very well *wink wink*

and a toolbox full of drink garnishes

With the last guest leaving at 3:45am, the night was a success followed by a day of rest. 

Have a great Monday everyone.


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