Our Spare Bedroom, a DIY haven

Welcome to our spare bedroom. It is where I house all my orchids waiting to rebloom, read on a Sunday afternoon, oh and of course where you would be sleeping if you came to visit.
Won't you come in?

the floor in this room was not unlike the others with pet-stained carpet. as we did not want to spend the money on this floor right away, we pulled it down to the plywood and painted it bright white. i am not sure if i even want hardwood now because i like the brightness so much.

the chandelier was green and gold from an antique shop for 25 bucks. the wall art is ceiling medallions (of course now this idea is everywhere but, i still like the look). the shutter was a gift from my mom.

the lamps on the end tables were posted about here. the dressers are the matching set to our bed but, i didn't want the matchy matchy look. they were re-stained darker and found a home here. (they hold all of the seasonal changeovers, open a drawer and you'll probably have an explosion of seashells or pinecones.

the mirror on the wall is strapped together reclaimed wood with an extra mirror i had from another project. the tree growing out of the wall is just that. i cut a bunch of large branches off of one of our trees and tied it to the ceiling with eye hooks. i think it adds that extra bit of nature.

so this gnome made its first appearance here, he was a 5 dollar flea market find and i think he looks quite happy with his pinecone bed.

the curtain rod is a fallen birch pole from up north. the curtains are from Ikea in a linen blend.

mirror closeup. my ladder was free from one of my antique haunts. the gentleman just had it laying in a field. to be used for blankets only, no climbing.

Time for a snuggle.

Have a great day


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