Fall is bringing the changes.....

So Fall is emerging in our house(more on that to come) but in my rip down, redo of the season the upstairs bath saw a little facelift too. Our upstairs bathroom was the first first first room that needed an overhaul when we moved in. The size was right, the cherub wallpaper(they had black eyes) border was NOT. I had a gracious friend rip all of the paper down as we were still carrying in boxes. The other major issue was no shower. What? A bathroom on the floor of the bedrooms and no way to bathe. It had a 5 foot closet though. Hmmm.

The colour of the walls is Benjamin Moore's Maryville Brown

we were in a bit of a time crunch therefore no moving plumbing, so the replaced toilet stayed as the entrance feature. the shelving unit is a cherry colour , that looks great but, on the hunt for a primitive cabinet

ooh a DIY. this board is a rotating scene for my seasonal wreaths. fall sees it wearing a rustic grapevine. i had some reclaimed thin barnboard hanging around, lined them up and strapped them together on the back with allround (galvanized strapping) and screws. it gives the wreaths "something" instead of being on their own.

brown and aqua accents with the towels and glass insulators

the pail on the second shelf is an old copper pail and the lady that sold it to me gave me many instructions to clean it up and make it shine. she was very excited to find a "young people" who loved it for its patina'd charm

sparkling blues in the sunshine

my had to have sink. my plumber(who is a good friend) still busts my chops about buying this sink. can't just buy a regular pedestal from the hardware store.

have a seat or a leg up in the shower. a sea sponge purchased on Ebay holds our soap, razors and a rubber ducky nailbrush for the tradesman hands

the five foot closet or do I mean shower? the tiles are a polished porcelain that look exactly like marble but half the price point. of course every room needs some vintage flair, and the bathroom is no different. how about a 5 dollar chair/towel holder.

Have a great day


only because I know you were curious about those cherubs. a little before at the end...........

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