O&R Provincial Grey end tables

This has been one of the most stressful days I can remember. I had planned to have this post up this morning but when I got up after a restless night of sleep because of a non-sleeping dog, my best friend Milo was having trouble walking. She had been having visible stomach issues since Monday and today was the last straw. I called the vet and went straight there. She went right in for emergency surgery and I had to wait half the day to see if she was going to be alright or have to be put down. Milo is not a young dog and we always said when the time came if we had to, we would put her down so she didn't suffer. The vet seemed to think the surgery was a good choice because she was an otherwise very healthy old dog. Today was not the day to let her go and I can't wait to go and get her tomorrow. Our veterinarian said she came through the surgery wonderfully and she probably wouldn't have made the weekend if I hadn't taken her this morning. ugh, worst day off ever.

Onto some happier things.

I finished up this fabulous set of end tables this week and they were ready for their time to shine. They were extremely beat up on the top with water rings, scratches and dents but the structure was solid. They are made by a well known company of solid mahogany.

If you are local to the Niagara Region these are available for pickup and will also be listed in my etsy store (hit the widget in the sidebar).

They are 26" l x 20" w x 21"h.

They have been finished in paris grey chalk paint and very lightly distressed.


a before and after perspective

I have another great before & after of one of my personal pieces of furniture for this weekend and then a bit of blog silence for about a week. I have big BIG HUGE news but it will have to wait because there is a lot of preparing to do.

Have a great night,

 I hope everyone in your family is healthy,


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