bye bye winter birch

It was a fabulous weekend of weather here and as I type this I am wondering how I am going to stay awake at work today. It was a hard working beautiful spring weekend. We got so much accomplished including a new waterfall for our pond. The unfortunate part is the spring aches from mowing, rock lifting, raking, cutting, painting, sewing, and scrubbing. 

See lots done.

I did have time to visit a few nurseries on Thursday and couldn't resist getting started on my pots. The varieties of ferns were just too lovely to leave hanging on the racks. 

The urn in our front hall sports some tall birch poles from fall throughout winter and it was time say bye bye. Say hello to greenery.


this isn't a boston fern, and i can't for the life of me remember the variety but the fronds are large and they stand up very nicely.

this was the only non-christmas photo i could find with the poles, they must not have attracted my attention with the camera in the last little bit. just ignore the crows.

the green of the fern pulls the green out of the frame. i think i am going to need green rehab. i love it too much. in case you are new here, the frame is actually Annie Sloan antibes green with a load of dark wax and made its debut here

in other tidbits, i had a stroke of good luck this week and happened across an ad on kijiji 1 min after it went up for 20 vintage cameras went up for sale and i jumped on it. many many of them will be up in the store very shortly and i have snuck a few into my collection. there are 3 in this photo (there are actually 4 but i already owned 1) that look great on display but there is an alterior motive. the pile of things in front of the demijohn are my shoot props so i don't have to carry them too far into the garage. keeping the organization pretty.

Well that's it for today,



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