More gold walls bite the dust....greige dust that is!

Another thing off the to-do list, which have you ever noticed you finish 1 thing and add 2 more so it never feels like you're getting anywhere. 

Our front hall has undergone 2 renovations since we have lived here and this past week made it number 3. The stair banisters and railings are all golden oak in our house and yes are solid wood but they looked old. They made everything around them look old. I love antiques and vintage but not old and tired.

We painted the railings to match the rest of the trim in our house in Benjamin Moore's cloud white and used a floor paint so it would be more sturdy with the wear and tear.

We then painted out the walls in BM's Rockport Gray (but colour matched it to Behr paint because Trevor likes it better to paint with) which turned out to be the perfect shade of greige. I had colour swatches on the walls for 3 weeks. Sarah Richardson's elephant ended up being too dark and greenish.

And of course since the room was already ripped apart, might as well freshen up all the trim and doors, add the quarter round we didn't get to when we re-did the floor and restain the floor.

I'm tired again hearing the list but, love the results.

the completed entry. lots of hits of green of course,and some fall decor for the season

the demijohn collection that is forever growing. just in case there is an apocalypse and i have to store my wine for emergencies.

a green frame done in ascp antibes green to frame an architectural relic (i'll do step by step post later for the finish)

the little pumpkin was a cheapo craft pumpkin painted ascp chateau grey

an ikea hack: the detolf glass cabinet got zinced. this cabinet is one of the lights in our space at night but i didn't love the cheap finishes and the "hey i came from ikea look" so we took all the pieces apart and sprayed them with black chalkboard paint. i rubbed them with chalk, wiped it off and volia zinc.

the brass picture light was actually my piano light growing up. i snafooded it from my mom at our garage sale before she sold it. repurposed.

a peek at the "zinc" finish

i found this idea on pinterest. spray pumpkin with flat black spray paint. creepy and neat. 

i love using the black crows for fall decorating

i chopped up a fur coat from the goodwill to make this little seat for our chair. i still have plenty left over for a pillow. added to the to-do list.

The "BEFORES"  of the front foyer can be seen here (ooh bad lighting, small pictures but you get the idea) and here or, just hit front foyer button in the sidebar.

it is awesome how much blogging has taught me about interior photography. i have a long way to go but flipping to that first post was a prop up for sure.

Thanks for coming in.

Have a great day,


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