Antibes Green

 When I first heard about Annie Sloan paint I went to her website and started flipping through the colours. I loved all the gorgeous muted tones and couldn't wait to use them on furniture in our home. Then I found Antibes Green, and with my love of green my heart was taken. There is some inspiration out there for this colour but, not a ton because it is very green and it scares people off I think.

I wasn't committing to painting a huge piece either but, decided on an accent frame for the wall. I was going to sell this in a recent garage sale and "picked" my own sale when the lightbulb went off.

 here is the before (good thing I remembered the before, I get excited to start things and sometimes forget about this little blog)

one coat of paint. it really looks like ninja turtles at this point.

 finished with many coats of dark wax and clear wax to give it that deep green colour.

and once you start painting you get the urge to paint everything else too. planters, pumpkins, pears, headboards etc.

Happy Painting,


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