Harmony on West, Port Colborne, Ontario

Well my first patient cancelled this morning so why not write the post I had intended for tomorrow and take a little sleepy inny time tomorrow. Yup sure!

I wanted to share one of my monthly visit stores in the local area that comes in perfect timing as the street it is located on is having a big event tomorrow night.

About 5 or 6 years ago (can't remember exactly) both Trevor and I were noticing first, how dry our skin was at all times of the year (even though I am a self confessed lotion-aholic) and second, how much scum was building up in our showers from regular bar soap. We were Lever 2000 and Dove users at the time.

Someone, I can't remember who suggested I try this great new store in Port Colborne called Harmony on West. The lady makes soap in amazing scents and the soap is all natural.  I was pleasantly surprised that day and cautiously tried a bar of the Venus soap. A custom blend that smells heavenly and earthy.

Needless to say, we were hooked and have only used her soap ever since.

Harmony on West is the product of owner Bonnie's hardwork and dedication to bringing natural ingredients into the home and a bit of lifestyle one of kinds as well.

The store is located at 264 West St in Port Colborne for all you locals.

I was there doing my bi-monthly stock up a few weeks ago and thought I would give you a little tour of the shop.

along with soap and handmade soy candles, there is little bits of home decor, one of a kind jewellery made be local artisans, and fantastic treasures for the little ones. (a great spot to pick up that baby shower gift you have been putting off)

the candle in the yellow tin to the left of this photo comes in a glass jar and votive size as well and has quickly become one of my favourite scents (amber dunes)

this is my shelf. these are the 3 soaps we most commonly use. we are the hippie-out-of-the-60's-smelling-type.

that straight up patchouli jar is looking low because i just grabbed a pile.

the size of the soaps are very generous and if left not sitting in a pile of water in the shower each bar can last about 1.5-2 weeks.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of one of my favourite places to frequent. There is always the best scent in here from all of the soaps and candles together but, not in a run past the perfume counter don't go in yankee candle kind of way.

Tomorrow night starting at 5pm, there is an Art Crawl event all the way down West St. All of the stores are open later and local artists will have their pieces on display. There are some great local restaurants to eat in and it looks like perfect weather.

A splendid way to spend a relaxing Saturday evening. Say hi if you see me!

Enjoy your weekend everyone,


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