Eclectic rearranging in the office at home

I do not hate winter. 

The cold doesn't bug me. 

The snow looks pretty.

 BUT, the winter blues of being stuck in the house nails me like a ton of friggin' bricks this time of year. Every room in my house becomes fair game and if I'm being honest I don't even have time to roll the dice so, when I start ripping stuff apart it often turns into a "days" affair because I don't get to finish what I start OR I just forgo the sleep option leaving me tongue tied and brain farty the next day. Our office became apart of the game when we officially opened the doors on our second business about 2 months ago. Trevor, my darling husband has been in heating and air conditioning for years and years now and has been running his side of a plumbing HVAC company with a friend for the past few but like me is very type A in some respects and it was just time to grab the bull by the horns and be on his own. Soooo, our home office needed a mild reorganization of drawers and closets but then of course I can't stop there when there is an opportunity to re-decorate some shelves. Plus, oddly enough reimagining our shelves etc is like calming therapy for my brain. It turns off the store function of products, budgets, emails, instagram and lets me have a "me" break. Weird yes, but it's what works.

Of course since I did all this fun rearranging I thought I would share. Now if this is your first time seeing this room and you are a minimalist, eek you may want to leave. This room is a huge collection of my design books, travel mementos for us, plants, photography, weird items that didn't fit in the rest of the house. Its basically an "us" room where everything doesn't necessarily match but its all our favs.

I refinished this dresser a few years ago for this room to house at the time our etsy stock pre-retail store but, now it houses all our paperwork, files, tax stuff etc. The curtains are wool and were originally from West Elm

I pulled apart our upstairs gallery wall which I will be sharing soon as we redid our upstairs hallway too. A couple of the favourite portrait prints found a home in this corner and I really love the impact they are having here.

Notice I keep saying love, because they are probably not hung right or in the right configuration but if you love it then who cares about the rules.

The ever popular "flock" pillow that has just reappeared in store after a lengthy hiatus for all the bird lovers out there.

That tall tower to the right of the photo holds all my back issues of Style at Home & Country Living magazine. I don't hoard all the magazines I read but I do find that I go back to these every once in awhile so at this point haven't trashed them all. I am no longer a subscriber to Country Living as I haven't loved the direction it took the past couple of years but the back issues are so inspiring. The plant on top of the shelf is a pothos and is great with any light conditions so I don't have to fuss with it too much.

The wall of fun. Gimme all the plants, books, and african artifacts.

The book pages on the wall are from a book that we carry in the shop called Botanicum. I just used washi tape to non-permanently hold them up as I will likely and most certainly eventually change my mind but love the impact they have as a layer to these shelves right now.

The large ceramic birds are vintage made in Italy we found on a trip to Toronto. I walked past them a few times in the store staring them down and even started out of the shop but they were speaking to me as so original, I just couldn't leave them behind so up on the shelf they go.

Well thanks by stopping by part of our head office and wandering amongst our work and memories.

Have a great day everyone,


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