Country Living Fair Ohio


Trevor and I just returned from the amazing Country Living fair in Columbus, Ohio. We made the 5 hour trek to see what all the fuss is about. We definately found out, and brought a few goodies home to show for it. These shows are a complete showcase of goods, handmade and vintage. There is so much work put into the presentation of each booth, and the vendors are kept hopping all weekend long.

Very different from the antique shows around here. A few of the vendors found it funny that were there from Canada. We weren't the only ones though, we checked license plates!

this amazing car part box would have been coming home with us, if we could think of a place for it.

that sign doesn't lie. Cash & Cari. and she was there. and she was just as nice and down to earth as she seems on tv. super exciting.

an old bathtub turned club chair

Cari from the back. i thought she might be inundated with people asking to take pictures, so i snapped a quick one.

neat wall baskets. so many possibilities. DIY anyone?

to do: find stand for my laundry tubs, fill with plants. asap.

amazing displays

painted foam pumpkins. ascp?

the next few pictures were from a booth that totally overwhelmed me. "Great stuff by Paul". so many things i was looking for, and at great prices. dough bowls, french bread boards, market baskets, french demijohns in crates, baskets galore.

great signage for the booths as well. Trevor is checking out a filing cabinet in this booth that I should have brought home with us. 

really neat vintage charts.

We will definately be revisiting this event in the future.

Even if just for the fresh lemonade!

On a side note we also visited the Easton Town Center in Columbus. OMG! This place puts malls to shame. It is like a little town in itself with so many great restaurants to try.  

Have a great day,


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