Chippy door makeover

So, 3 1/2 years after installing the hardwood in this room, we finally got around to installing the quarter round. Of course when you are already pulling everything out of the room, when you go to put it back a little makeover presents itself. It didn't need a makeover but remember I said it presented itself. haha

The results of said makeover:

Stella (vintage Wolf dressform) gets herself a winter fur jacket. swiped a lambskin from around the house and add in a chippy door from a 110 year old house found at my Olde Mill LinkAntiques.
Throw in a cobbler stand and suitcase I had in my spare treasures pile and voila, a new corner of the room.

the new bought addition. do you see it? We have had the same lamps for 8 years and I was ready for a change. The new lamp bases came from Pottery Barn. They are the Sabina bedside lamps and they have a built in dimmer. AMAZING! (its the little things that get me going) No way was I springing for 1 of their gabillion dollar lampshades, so I got 2 plain white drum shades from Walmart.

I think the lamps help to tie in the brown iron dresser.

another new corner vignette including, tree in planter and an antique eight foot porch post

check out the finial on these side tables. why don't they make furniture like this anymore?

the foot of the bed view

the blissful white buddha gets some new company on the dresser. the blues of summer all put away and back to the neutrals.

Have a great day.


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