Book Review: Furniture Makeovers

Today is the day of book sharing here at MT-Tails.

A little while ago I discovered Knack Studios by Barb Blair and developed a deep respect for her furniture makeovers. Although some of her furniture is quite bright and multi-coloured (different styles is all) the finish and technique is so well thought out and original there isn't much not to love.

Her originality also landed her a book deal that turned into Furniture Makeovers.

This is the book for you if have ever considered fixing up that lost piece in your basement, are a DIYer of any level or even a seasoned furniture painter looking for some new techniques to add to your arsenol. She spells it out from the most simple starting point of choosing the perfect paint brush to different distressing techniques.

There are many photos of pieces in different stages of completion and many styled up to go to their new homes. I love the huge glass knobs on the piece 



It may be worth checking out if you love refinishing furniture or even if you just like looking at photos of furniture. This book is available through Amazon and you can flip through to Amazon through my sidebar if you're ready to look inside for yourself.

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