A visit to moms house

Today we are taking a little trip out of my home and into my moms house.

My mom and I share a lot of the same taste, anything vintage, silver, wood boxes (we are usually arguing over who saw it first) but, we also have a good variety of differences.

She does not share my addiction to the quirky and odd. I can feel before I see her rolling her eyes at me when I pick up every gnome I see.

When I started this blog a few years ago, I had no idea how much fun it would be, that it would introduce me to some amazing people and really help me get my confidence legs under me about how much I love home design, furniture refinishing etc.

My mom is one of my biggest supporters and taught me a lot of my beginning lessons and still teaches me things today.

She reads a lot of blogs and is a Pinterest addict. She loved all the plate walls that seem to be going around but put her own spin on it.

There is also an amazing DIY up ahead, prepare yourself, it uses a pop can.

Welcome to my parent's front foyer.

surrounding a large antiqued silver mirror is a collection of antique silver plates all shimmering in the evening sunlight


each plate is different and has been collected from various thrift stores in our area


the silver plates and mirror tie in perfectly with the silver toned hurricane lantern on the ceiling


and since we're in the front hall might as well take a peek out the front door at the luscious gardens. i didn't acquire my green thumb. i was born with it. my mom is still my go-to resource for plant information


now I am sure someone else out there came up with this first and has pinned it or blogged about it, but I had never thought of this and I am giving my mom the credit.

I purchased some of those adhesive plate hangers from Hobby Lobby for her to use for this project but they were not working great on the metal finish. She swears she followed the directions (we're both impatient step skippers)

Instead of hunting for something else, she made her own DIY plate hangers 


cut a piece of upholstery webbing and sew a pop tab onto the webbing.

now hot glue your webbing to your plate.

it's that simple. BRILLIANT I TELL YA!

granted this isn't good if you plan to use your plates but these were for hanging only.


Hope you enjoyed your mini tour

We'll be back again

Have a great day,


liz marie
french country cottage

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