Around the Shop Fall Edition: Part II

Happy Monday.

What a weekend. For those of you who stopped in the shop you noticed that I may or may not have been present and my sidekick was holding down the fort as Trevor and I went and got ourselves into some picking trouble. This is good kind of trouble of course.

We tested out the waters on a new area and it was kind of enh.

Don't get me wrong we got tons of great stuff for the shop but I'm not sure if I want to have to work so hard to do it. Sometimes you (I) just get a feeling in an area and this one didn't have it. Oh well we have many tried and true and will always discover more great hunting grounds and hopefully our piddly Canadian dollar will buck up a little on the international stage before it becomes useless.

Today we can wander around the back of the shop displays for fall. I'm sure many of them don't look like this anymore as it was a busy weekend I'm told but it's fun to see what they looked like when we started.

Did you miss part 1? See it here

are you seeing these matte black bottles. oh me oh my. these are one of my favourite pieces of giftware that made it in. i don't usually do giftware that looks so vintage but they don't make these in black outside of home decor so they jumped on the list.

mugs galore and we also added these persian rugs i have been collecting on the floor. warms up all the white for this time of year and as the weather changes keeps us from having to wash the floor every 2 minutes.

Have a lovely day everyone.

I'm on paperwork duty (blah), wholesaler chatting, vintage organizing, outdoor planter fallifying and sewing patrol today.


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